What is “Complete Health Dentistry”?


Here at Cottage Dental Care, we pride ourselves on offering complete health dentistry. In fact, complete health dentistry is so important to us that we made it our tag line, but what does “complete health dentistry” mean exactly?

The mouth is the gateway to the body. One aspect of complete health dentistry is educating our patients on this systemic link between the mouth and the body. We want our patients to understand that Periodontal Disease raises their risk of contracting other inflammatory diseases like Cardiovascular Disease or Diabetes. We don’t just clean your teeth and fill your cavities; we help you to achieve complete health and wellness in every aspect of your dental care. We do this in a number of ways.

Active Listening

First of all, we really listen to your needs and concerns. We don’t only tell you our professional opinions. We get to know you and your lifestyle so we can better assist you as an individual with very specific needs.

Offering Traditional Dental Procedures

Here at Cottage Dental Care, we offer routine cleanings and exams, fillings, root canals and crowns. We also do braces, extractions, teeth whitening and veneers. No matter what you need for a great smile–we can help!


We also help educate each of our patients about proper dental care. We know that you want to take good care of your teeth and of your health, but you may not know how. We give you the knowledge, tips and tricks you need for complete oral health.

Advanced Testing

Lastly, we provide services which go well beyond the range of most traditional dental offices. For example, we also offer blood pressure monitoring, glucose testing and three different saliva tests through OralDNA Labs. This “whole health” approach helps us catch and solve problems quickly.

Here at Cottage Dental Care, we believe that complete health dentistry is the first line of defense against disease, and we are proud to offer it to each of our patients.

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