Chairside & Take Home Whitening

In this day and age many people are excited about the different ways they can get whiter teeth. Patients want to know what their options are. There are over-the-counter procedures that do work but they are not as effective and take longer to get the desired results.

If our patients want to get a jump start on their teeth whitening a CHAIRSIDE WHITENING can be done. Our office uses the LUMIBRITE Whitening System. This procedure can take 1 to 2 hours to complete, depending on how much whitening the patient desires. When finished with this procedure the patient receives a Take-home Kit for use to touch up when desired. The TAKE-HOME WHITENING is also offered separately as well. This involves having custom trays made. The patient is given instructions on how they can whiten their teeth to the desired result. If they want to do more touching up at a later time, they only need to purchase more whitening gel for their trays.