Get a Root Canal Bloomington IL Holds in High Regard

shutterstock_623291072For a topic with such a negative stigma attached to it, we thought it would be helpful to begin with a fun fact: “Root canal” is not only the name of the dental procedure, it’s the name of the inside of the tooth being operated on! Truth be told, root canals are a relatively standard procedure. Many people say it’s comparable to having a cavity filled. The stories that are passed around are often regarding the pain associated with the tooth before the procedure, not during. Regardless, we always do our best to minimize any fear, pain or discomfort you may anticipate.

After ensuring you are properly anesthetized, we will work accurately and at a reasonable pace. During the procedure, our qualified staff will engage with you at your expressed level of preference. Everyone is different. Whether you wish to stay apprised of each step of the procedure or close your eyes and wait until it’s over, we can accommodate. At Cottage Dental Care, we take pride in our process and hope to deliver a comfortable root canal Bloomington IL will refer others to.

Symptoms and Causes

shutterstock_438922339When determining the need for a root canal Bloomington IL may wonder, what causes root canal pain? We have some answers. Often, these serious infections are caused by damage and decay. If your teeth have been chipped or cracked for some reason, pain, decay or infection can occur. It is also possible tooth decay progressed enough to break through the tooth. Strangely enough, having dental work done in the same location can cause the same reaction. Here are some common signs you may need a root canal:

  • Tooth pain with pressure, biting down or chewing
  • Hot/cold sensitivity after the stimuli is gone
  • Gum tenderness or swelling near tooth pain
  • A small bump on the gum surrounding tooth pain
  • Tooth darkening

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, it may be time for an evaluation.

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If necessary, consider the root canal Bloomington IL is comfortable with. Call Cottage Dental Care at 309-828-1463. For your convenience, we are located nearby at 2206 Cottage Avenue in Bloomington.