Take Home Whitening Bloomington IL Uses for a Smile That Shines

shutterstock_523762612Over the years, Cottage Dental Care’s take home whitening systems have helped hundreds of patients reach their goals for brighter, whiter teeth. At the dental office of Dennis R. Krug, D.D.S., our professional staff are committed to your smile. We will work with you to recommend the best options for cosmetic dentistry. It is our hope that all of our patients feel they are receiving the best care available. We target this goal by only providing the safest and most effective options to our patients. One of these options is the take home whitening Bloomington IL uses with confidence.

Better Results in Less Time

It’s no secret – these days it’s easier than ever to get whiter teeth. With new methods popping up every year, patients want to know what their options are. Though many find success through a variety of over-the-counter products, others seek out options from a dental professional. Off the shelf whitening products can take several weeks to produce the desired results. Licensed cosmetic dentistry is generally more effective, often with faster and longer lasting results. At Cottage Dental Care, we offer two types of whitening procedures: take home whitening and chairside whitening.

shutterstock_171267962Take home whitening systems through Cottage Dental Care include a set of custom trays that are molded to fit your mouth. We also include an ample supply of whitening gel to be applied to the inside of the tray before it is placed on the teeth. With instructions tailored to achieve the patient’s optimal result, it couldn’t be easier. In addition, we offer a simple solution for those who wish to touch up down the line. Purchase more gel; that’s it! Come to Cottage Dental for the take home whitening Bloomington IL relies on for a beautiful smile. Chairside whitening is also a wonderful option for those seeking out immediate results using the Lumibrite whitening system. After 1-2 hours of treatment in our dental office, we will provide you with a kit to touch up as needed and send you on your way.

Contact Us for Take Home Whitening in Bloomington IL

If you’re excited to brighten your smile with the take home whitening Bloomington IL trusts to work, Call Cottage Dental Care at 309-828-1463. For your convenience, we are located nearby at 2206 Cottage Avenue in Bloomington.