The Result-Driven Cosmetic Dentistry Bloomington IL Trusts

Cosmetic Dentistry Bloomington ILWhat’s the first thing people see when they meet you? Your smile! Make it count and make it beautiful. You can do that with us here at Cottage Dental Care in Bloomington IL. If your teeth have been yellowing or just don’t look the way you want them to, it may be time for some cosmetic dentistry. Gain a boost in self-confidence and in your overall appearance with anything from teeth whitening to veneers. Let our team help restore your brilliant smile that may have dulled over the years due to diet and lifestyle. Our goal is to make you feel at ease from the moment you relax in our chairs. We offer all the traditional dental care you might need, such as cleanings, exams and fillings. But we also specialize in a complete range of cosmetic dentistry services. Thus, we offer the results-driven cosmetic dentistry Bloomington IL trusts.

Chairside & Take Home Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry Bloomington ILWant whiter teeth? There are a couple of ways to go about it. You could try over-the-counter treatments but they just don’t last as long or work as well as professional treatments. We offer our patients chairside whitening using the Lumibrite Whitening System. Budget between one to two hours for this procedure, depending on the desired shade. At the conclusion of the visit, you’ll receive a take-home kit to perform touch-ups as needed.

If you’d like, you can opt for a take-home whitening kit. Our dentist will fit you for a custom gel tray, which you will apply at home on your own. Just buy more whitening gel for your trays when you need a touch-up.

Veneers and Bonding

When you want to go a step beyond teeth whitening, we offer porcelain veneers and bonding services. Veneers are translucent, thin laminates designed to improve the aesthetics of your natural teeth. They can even correct crowding or replace composite bonding. Bonding, while similar, uses a porcelain facing. Our dentists will bond a tooth-colored filling material, also known as a composite resin, to the tooth.

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