Routine Cleanings: Pediatric & Adult

Our pediatric dentists provide cleanings for all ages: 3 to 100. More and more people are keeping their own teeth and the only way to do this is to maintain the teeth that you want to keep. Children at the age of 3 are evaluated and walked through procedures at their own levels. Sometimes only an exam can be done, other times polishing can be accomplished also. Usually around the age of 4 or 5 bitewing x-rays can be taken to check areas between the teeth. Sometimes primary (baby) teeth need fillings to keep the child from hurting and losing space for their adult teeth. By the age of 5, children should have a fluoride treatment done to help protect their teeth from getting cavities. We try to have a child excited to come back, so everything is explained at their level so they don’t have to fear any procedure. Children should have cleanings every 6 months.

Adults are just big kids, so we try to make adults comfortable with their cleanings as well. Different types of numbing procedures are available if adults have hypersensitive teeth. Sometimes adults have heavier tartar build up and stain on their teeth than they did as a child. To prevent this build-up from causing gum disease, cleanings need to be every 3, 4, or 6 months. The cleaner a patient can keep their teeth at home, the less we will need to do to help them have a healthy mouth which in turn will give them a healthier body. Studies have been done that prove that the bacteria in the mouth can accelerate heart, breathing, and periodontal problems.

To make our patients more comfortable during their cleanings we have chairs that have back massages available. Cable stations are also available on the TV in each room. Patients are provided with education about their teeth on an individual basis. They are shown and given expert advice as to what will work for them to keep their teeth in the best health for them.

For those wanting cosmetic changes, we offer options whether they want to straighten, whiten, or change the overall appearance of their teeth. All of these options can be discussed during and after their regular check-ups. Health of teeth must be the first priority before cosmetic choices can be made. We want everyone to have a HAPPY & HEALTHY smile.