No More Needles; Same Day Crowns; Oral Cancer Awareness

Happy Spring from your Team at Cottage Dental Care!


  • We know you are busy with all your Spring activities like planning and attending proms, graduations and spring yard clean up. We won’t take a lot of your time however we wanted to share a few things with you.
  • Are you afraid of needles? We have introduced Kovanaze Nasal Spray into our practice, as an option, for regional anesthesia for restorative procedures. We can use this nasal spray instead of an injection to numb Teeth #4-13 (upper anteriors & pre-molars) in adults and Teeth A-J (upper arch) in children weighing over 89 pounds. Please phone our office today for more information. NOTE: Some medical conditions may preclude the use. In addition, Kovanaze is an additional fee.
  • SAME DAY CROWNS!! With same-day digital restorations you can get your crown in hours instead of days!! No more temporaries or multiple visits! Same-day restorations offer a more precise fit with a natural appearance. We will match your new crown to your surrounding teeth while you are in the dental chair. All this while you relax and watch TV, read a book, play or work on your favorite electronic device. Of course, if chair time is a problem for you, you may elect to have your crown prepped on one day and return later in the day or the following day to have the permanent restoration placed.
  • April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society oral cancer incidence rates have increased every year over the past eight years. Although the traditional risk factor for oral cancer is tobacco use, the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the newest risk factor. It is an important note that a percentage of oral cancer patients develop it for no apparent reason. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, of the approximate 50,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer this year, only half will be alive in five years. When the cancer is found in the early stages, patients have an 80 to 90 percent survival rate. Here at Cottage Dental Care, oral cancer screenings, including VELscope are part of our Continuing Care appointments. In addition, we work with Oral DNA Labs to provide patients, upon their request, (or their agreement after Dr. Krug’s recommendation) with a HPV saliva test.
  • For more information or if you have any questions, please call us here at Cottage Dental Care, Complete Health Dentistry. You may also want to visit and

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