Teeth Whitening Options

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Effective Teeth Whitening Bloomington IL Can Rely On

Over the years, food and beverages stain teeth, making otherwise white teeth look brown or yellow. If you have been noticing yellow teeth, you may want to consider teeth whitening from Cottage Dental Care. Have you lost your self-confident smile? Soda, wine, berries and smoking can all stain your teeth. But the good news is, you can restore your bright smile with a visit to our office. It’s easier than you may think! Come to us for teeth whitening Bloomington IL can rely on. We offer many options.

Chairside Whitening

Over-the-counter treatments work somewhat but aren’t nearly as effective or as long-lasting as in-office treatments. Opt for our Chairside Whitening using the Lumibrite Whitening System for the best results, done in the safety of our office. Plan for a visit between one and two hours, depending on the shade of white you’re going for. After the procedure, we will give you a take-home kit to do your own touch-ups as needed.

Teeth Whitening Bloomington IL

Take Home Whitening

If you would rather perform teeth whitening from the comfort and privacy of your own home, try our take home whitening kit. We will fit you for custom gel trays in the office, which you will apply later at home. If you find you need to do additional touch-ups at a later time, just let us know. We can sell you more whitening gel for your trays.

Here at Cottage Dental Care, we work with you to come up with the best teeth whitening solutions possible. Give us a call today!

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To learn more about our teeth whitening services, call Cottage Dental Care at 309-828-1463. For your convenience, we are located at 2206 Cottage Avenue in Bloomington IL.

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