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At Cottage Dental Care, not only do we take care of BloomingtonNormal‘s traditional dental needs like cleaning and exams, dentures, dental implants, braces, dental bonding, fillings, root canals and same day crowns, but we also practice Complete Health Dentistry, the first line of defense against disease.


What is Complete Health Dentistry?

One aspect of Complete Health Dentistry is educating our patients about the systemic link between the mouth and body.  Another aspect is to offer those patients that are interested (at no additional charge) Blood Pressure monitoring and Glucose testing.  Research shows that Periodontal Disease and other infections of the mouth are linked to higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and other systemic diseases.

As advocates for your overall wellness we also offer 3 saliva tests through OralDNA Labs. The first identifies which bacteria are triggering Periodontal Disease.  The second is a DNA test that shows if a patient is at greater risk for Periodontal Disease.  The third is a screening to identify the type(s) of oral HPV that could lead to oral cancer.  For more information click on the OralDNA tab.

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