What are fillings and why does your mouth need them?

Dental treatment

If left untreated, minor tooth decay can worsen, requiring more intensive treatment such as a root canal, build up, crown, or even extraction. At Cottage Dental Care we treat these minor dental issues so that they don’t become larger ones. The most common way for us to treat tooth decay is with a filling. A filling is a restorative process that removes decay and bacteria and seals the repaired tooth to prevent further decay.

At Cottage Dental Care, we use a composite mixture for our fillings. We match the material used to your tooth color in order to provide the most aesthetically pleasing treatment.

The procedure for fillings is very simple. If we find tooth decay during a normally scheduled cleaning, we’ll schedule an appointment for treatment. At this appointment, we’ll prepare the tooth and surrounding area by applying a numbing agent. After you’re comfortable, we’ll remove the tooth decay and clean bacteria from the surface of the tooth. Once the tooth has been cleaned and all decay and bacteria is removed, we’ll apply the composite filling with bonding agents, using a special light to harden the material to the density of your teeth. For your comfort, our treatment rooms have flat screen TVs for you to enjoy during the procedure.

If you require treatment for tooth decay, it’s important to revisit your oral health care regimen. Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing will help prevent any future dental issues and ensure that your smile stays healthy. For any questions regarding fillings, contact our office. We would love to answer any questions!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Cottage Dental Care, Complete Health Dentistry!

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