Use Cottage Dental Care’s whitening systems to get your teeth bright and white for the summer

Beautiful woman pointing on her perfect white teeth.

Have you been thinking about brightening your smile? Do you want whiter teeth for your upcoming wedding, reunion or special event? While over-the-counter products do work, they often take longer than desired and simply aren’t as effective. To help you achieve your desired smile, Cottage Dental Care offers both in-office and take-home whitening options that provide you with whiter teeth in less time than over-the-counter products.

At Cottage Dental Care we use LUMIBRITE whitening systems to achieve the best possible whitening results for our clients. LUMIBRITE whitens teeth up to nine shades lighter more consistently than any over-the-counter product with minimal tooth sensitivity. With LUMIBRITE whitening at Cottage Dental Care, you’ll have whiter teeth in less than two hours at an affordable rate.

Fast, gentle and effective – LUMIBRITE is the obvious choice for whiter teeth. If you don’t have the time to do in-office whitening, we also offer a take-home whitening kit. We custom make trays to fit your teeth, provide you with thorough instructions and answer any questions that may come up through the whitening process. Simply take your kit home and whiten your teeth to your desired result on your own time.

With Cottage Dental Care’s LUMIBRITE whitening system, everyone can have whiter teeth. You can have a bright smile in just a few hours. Remove the coffee, tea and food stains from your teeth today. We would love to answer any questions you might have concerning our whitening products. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! See you soon!

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