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It is common for dental plans to have an annual maximum payment amount. After this amount is paid, the dental plan will not pay out any more for the year. However, most people let the end of the year pass without fully utilizing their dental benefits. This can be a significant mistake from both a financial and a dental health standpoint.

Coverage Basics

Dental insurance coverage amounts do not rollover from one year to the next for most plans. Any amount left unused in a benefit year is simply lost. In addition, most policies also have an annual deductible maximum that the covered person must pay out of pocket before the plan provides coverage. As the deductible resets each year, it is wise to get full use of the coverage when the deductible has been met.

End of Year Planning 

The end of the year is an ideal time for extensive dental procedures. In some cases, the work can be completed over a period of time which will spread the appointments into two different benefit years. For example, some work could be completed in late December of one year and other work completed in early January of the next. In this case, a person could take full advantage of their insurance benefits.


Though a person may have had dental insurance for years, things can change. Employers are free to change benefit packages and a person’s financial situation can change rapidly. For this reason, the best time for a person to use his or her dental benefits is when he or she has it available. This is especially true for patients who have not had a recent cleaning or who have been putting off minor dental needs. By not getting teeth cleaned on a regular basis and taking care of minor problems, a person can allow serious dental problems to develop that could result in the need for major dental work, lost teeth and significant out of pocket costs.

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