Don’t ignore those mouth sores


Some dental problems often get overlooked … problems like unsightly mouth sores. We may view these issues as unpreventable or something that will simply go away. However, ignoring these dental issues could potentially cause worse dental problems, affect your overall … Continued

Use Cottage Dental Care’s whitening systems to get your teeth bright and white for the summer

Beautiful woman pointing on her perfect white teeth.

Have you been thinking about brightening your smile? Do you want whiter teeth for your upcoming wedding, reunion or special event? While over-the-counter products do work, they often take longer than desired and simply aren’t as effective. To help you … Continued

Electric Toothbrushes are Both Fun and Effective


Choosing the right toothbrush can sometimes seem more difficult than it should be. Should you buy an angled brush? Soft bristles or hard bristles? And even when you find one you like it’s probably only available in a hot pink … Continued