Prevention of gum disease starts in the kitchen, not the bathroom


Although dentistry has evolved over the last 30 years, the state of oral hygiene has yet to reflect the benefits of these technological advancements. Recent research from the Centers for Disease Control suggests that 80 percent of Americans deal with dental issues ranging from tooth decay to periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease. The condition of American dental health is not due to the lack of good treatment but rather the lack of prevention.

At Cottage Dental Care, we want to help you prevent any potential dental issues. When we talk about cavity prevention, we often mention brushing and flossing. Those are extremely important aspects to our oral health care regimen. However, prevention starts in the kitchen, not the bathroom.

Diet is as big a predictor as any when it comes to oral health. What we eat makes an enormous impact on our dental health. When we consume food, it comes into direct contact with our mouth, teeth and gums … and stays there. Sugary foods and drinks latch to our teeth and gums and begin to dissolve and damage teeth, which leads to cavities and a host of other dental problems. Along with sugary food and drinks, liquids high in acidity erode the enamel on our teeth, making them weak and prone to bacteria. Limiting sugar consumption and avoiding highly acidic items, along with brushing and flossing, can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

To further prevent dental issues, schedule routine cleanings with our staff at Cottage Dental Care. Daily brushing often misses plaque that lodges in the crevices between our teeth and gums. Routine cleanings by our dental professionals remove any plaque missed while brushing.

You don’t have to struggle with your dental health. Take appropriate steps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease today by brushing, flossing, watching your diet and visiting us here at Cottage Dental Care!

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