How to Brush Like a Dentist

Dentists wake up in the morning and brush their teeth, just like most Americans. Do they randomly brush this way and that way for an undetermined amount of time? No! Dentists understand the purpose of brushing teeth, therefore they approach it with a calculated and effective method. Here are tips on how to brush more like a dentist.

Amount of Time Brushing

Unfortunately, most people tend to become a bit lazy about the time involved brushing their teeth. This is because the activity usually takes place first thing in the morning when in a rush, or just before heading to bed when tired. However, two full minutes should be allocated for brushing teeth during each session. A stopwatch is recommended to learn the time involved and to make that time into a natural habit. By brushing at least twice per day and for the proper amount of time, the risks of gum disease substantially decrease.

Proper Brushing Strokes

When brushing teeth, individuals should use soft and short strokes throughout the session. It is essential to pay special attention to the gum line and sections around crowns, fillings and other prior dental work. Although difficult, it is also imperative to reach the teeth in the back of the mouth as these are often neglected during quick brushing sessions. When cleaning, the brush should be tilted at a 45 degree angle against the gum line and then gently rolled away.

Cleaning by Section

The best procedure to brush like a dentist is to brush by section and to follow the same order each time. The first step is to brush the outer surfaces of the upper teeth, and then the lower teeth. The same order should then be followed with the inner surfaces of the teeth. Finally, the chewing surfaces should be cleaned with the brush.

Brushing Materials

A brush with soft bristles is ideal for removing debris and plaque from teeth. A small brush is also recommended to reach all areas of the mouth. Any brush should be rinsed well and replaced every two to three months. There is a wide variety of toothpaste products designed to meet various needs, but it is essential to select a brand that includes fluoride.

Dental Home Care

To learn more dental home care tips, it is important to visit your dentist twice a year. For a dental check-up in the Bloomington-Normal, Illinois area, call Cottage Dental Care, Dr. Dennis R. Krug’s Office at 309.828.1463. Through preventative techniques, educating our patients, listening and caring, along with dedication to our profession, we believe we can offer the very best in dental health to our patients. At Cottage Dental Care, you will always be treated like family!

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Dentist Showing How to Brush Teeth
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