Back to School Dental Tips

It’s time for your children to go back to school, so this means they will need to start getting back into daily routines. Since they are getting back into the habit of getting up early and doing their homework, why not have them get back into a good dental care routine?


The rule of thumb used to be that everyone should brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes, but now that’s considered the bare minimum. Many dentists now recommend brushing three times a day for three minutes each time.


Flossing at least once per day can help your child prevent cavities from forming between their teeth. Encourage them to do this at night and get around every tooth so they won’t have sugar eating away at their teeth all night.

Fluoride Rinse

Even if your children get into the habit of brushing and flossing, they might not clean their teeth as well as they should. Swishing a fluoride rinse for one minute each day will help make sure their whole mouth is clean.

Healthy Eating

It’s not a big secret that sugar causes cavities. Making sure your children eat foods such as eggs, toast, and fruit for breakfast instead of sugared cereal can help tremendously. Give them healthy snacks after school and avoid sugary beverages such as soda. Allow soda for your children only on special occasions such as movies and parties, etc.. Provide and encourage water instead.

Dentist Visits 

Be sure to take your children to the dentist every six months. Professional cleanings can help your children’s teeth stay strong and healthy. If your children do have cavities, it’s better to take care of them sooner rather than later.

Family Dentist in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

Helping your children get into a healthy dental care routine is great, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t need professional care. Brushing and flossing aren’t substitutes for going to the dentist, so call your family dentist to schedule a checkup for your children as soon as possible.

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